Daily Devotionals

My Name Is: Week 5 - Thursday

Your Word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path. I've promised it once, and I'll promise it again: I will obey your righteous regulations. Psalm 119:105-106

When Jesus taught His followers that they could pray to God as Father, the concept was revolutionary. This teaching helped His followers to understand that their relationship with God was similar to a father/child relationship. Because of this, believers can look to God as their perfect Heavenly Father. Because He is our perfect Heavenly Father, one thing we can always count on is that God will always be truthful with us.

Telling the truth is not always easy. It is particularly difficult when you know that the truth will not be received well. However, God loves us enough to tell us the truth. He will reveal to us when we have sin in our lives, when he is calling us to do something difficult, or when we are living in a way that dishonors Him. He tells us these things because He loves us and wants what is best for us. He may reveal these truths to us through the Holy Spirit, other Christians, or His Word. However He communicates with us, His love for us is the catalyst for the truth He reveals to us.

God did not have to, but in His kindness, He gave us a letter full of His truth so that we can know it and live by it. He gave us the Bible. In Psalm 119:105-112, the writer of Psalms writes about how much he delights in God's Word. He loves its instruction and loves following it. He describes Scripture as a lamp for his feet and a light for his path (Psalm 119:105). He trusts God's truth found in it to guide him with each step he takes.

When you think about Scripture, do you have the delight that the writer of Psalm 119 has, or does reading Scripture and hearing truth from the Lord feel more like a duty than a delight? My friend, God has made known His truth to you so that you can walk faithfully. Praise God for speaking to us and for always telling us the truth!

Moving Toward Action

Our challenge today is to spend time meditating on the truth from our Heavenly Father found in Scripture. One way we can meditate on God's truth is memorizing Scripture. Spend time today meditating on Psalm 119:105-112 and memorize verses 110-112. How can you, because of your faith in God, be a light to someone today who does not know Him.

Going Deeper

Read Psalm 119:105-112 (NLT)

Your word is a lamp to guide my feet
    and a light for my path.
I’ve promised it once, and I’ll promise it again:
    I will obey your righteous regulations.
I have suffered much, O Lord;
    restore my life again as you promised.
Lord, accept my offering of praise,
    and teach me your regulations.
My life constantly hangs in the balance,
    but I will not stop obeying your instructions.
The wicked have set their traps for me,
    but I will not turn from your commandments.
Your laws are my treasure;
    they are my heart’s delight.
I am determined to keep your decrees
    to the very end.