First Steps: Bible

John Bible Study: Day 10

Read John 10:1-42. 

There are few people in this world who I would take a bullet for, but, if such a situation arose, I would, without a doubt, take a bullet for my niece and nephew. This is because I know and love them fiercely. But for a stranger or someone who has wronged me? I would absolutely not take a bullet for that person. Would you? Praise God that He operates far, far differently than you and I. Scripture teaches us the incredible, amazing truth that while we were dead in our sin, disobedience toward God, and enemies of God, Jesus willingly, purposefully died for us.

In John chapter ten, Jesus was talking to His disciples when He made the proclamation, “I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd sacrifices His life for the sheep” (verse 11). He went on to say that no one would force Him to give His life because He was going to willingly lay His life down for the sins of humanity (verses 17-18). Everything He said in these verses was to provide a picture of what was to come. You see, His mission was to come and live a perfect life that none of us could live, die an innocent death on a cross, and rise from the dead so that sinful humanity could be rescued from their sin, disobedience toward God, and have eternal life with Him. He knew His mission and chose to fulfill His mission willingly.

Jesus not only said these things to His disciples; He proved it. Not long after Jesus said these things, He willingly and purposefully died on the cross to pay for the sins of the world, including your sin. When Jesus did this, He proved how much He loves you. He spared no expense when it came to purchasing your salvation, or restored relationship with God. My friend, you are dearly, dearly loved. There is nothing God would not do to offer you eternal life and salvation with Him forever. Take comfort in His extravagant love for you today. 

Moving Toward Action

Jesus loved you so much that He willingly died for you. He did not have to. He chose to. In your journal or notebook, spend time reflecting and meditating on this beautiful truth that when you were dead in your sin and were an enemy of God, Jesus died for you because He loves you. Praise God for His grace, or undeserved gift, in giving us what we do not deserve: salvation and eternal life!