Members Have Rights, Owners Have Responsibilities

At Sagebrush, we don’t want you to just attend the church, we want you to be the church. As an Owner, you take on the responsibility to get involved, grow Small Groups and service teams, and be the first to jump into the action for new initiatives and opportunities.

What Does It Take To Be A Sagebrush Owner?


Completing the NEXT seminar or class


Signing the Ownership Covenant


Being baptized by immersion in water

Small Groups

Joining a Small Group or serving on a Service Team

Campus Next Classes

NEXT classes allow you time to spend with your campus team leaders and hear the vision of our church. Classes are a single two-hour session where you have the ability to sign up for the small group and/or service team you wish to get involved in. The class watches the NEXT teaching from Todd on video and completes the Ownership Covenant. Childcare is provided.

Next Seminar

Our seminars are action packed with teaching, fun and excitement! The session is lead by Todd and is open for all locations to attend. Attendees have the chance to complete all the steps of ownership in one night, including getting baptized, joining a small group, and/or signing up for a service team. Childcare is provided.

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