First Steps: Baptism

John Bible Study: Day 2

Read John 2:1-25.

 My sister recently got married, and, let me tell you, the wedding was beautiful. Not only was it beautiful, but the food at her reception was delicious. There was one food item that everyone raved about: fried potstickers, or dumplings. Sadly, I was not able to try the potstickers because they ran out. In spite of the dumpling disappointment, the wedding was a smashing success. It was a beautiful day. Running out of the potstickers certainly did not ruin the wedding. In fact, no one, besides me, probably even noticed that they ran out. In Jesus’ day, however, running out of food and drinks at a wedding was a much, much bigger deal. It was a humiliation for the hosts of the wedding to run out of food and drinks. John chapter two, our chapter for today, tells the story of a wedding where the hosts ran out of wine and how Jesus saved the wedding.


At the beginning of John 2, Jesus and His disciples were at a wedding. As the wedding celebration continued, the host’s wine supply ran out. Mary, Jesus’ mother, was also at the wedding. She ran up to Jesus and told Him that there was no more wine. Seeing the problem, Jesus asked the servants to fill up six jars with water. When the jars were full, He instructed them to draw water out of the jar for the taste-tester (also known as the master of ceremonies). As it was drawn out, it became obvious that the water had turned to wine. When the master of ceremonies tried the new wine, he was amazed. He told everyone that this new wine was the best wine of the evening. This miracle was the first miracle that Jesus performed on earth. When His disciples observed this miracle, they believed in Him, realizing He was God (John 2:11).

 This miracle where Jesus saved the wedding was truly amazing. It was the first glimpse of His power. You see, Jesus has all the power in the world. He can turn water into the best-tasting wine. He still works in our lives today. Do you believe He has the power to work miracles in your life?

Moving Toward Action

Spend some time thinking about that fact that Jesus still works miracles in our lives today. With your journal or a notebook, answer this question: How does believing that Jesus still performs miracles affect my life today? Will you trust Him to work in your life according to His will?