We Are a Church of Small Groups

We were made for community. No matter what stage of life you are in, we believe that life change happens best in Small Groups. Groups do not replace a weekend service but build upon it by allowing for growth and diving deeper into the message with friends.

Small Groups

Groups meet in host homes and online. We offer Groups for students, young adults, married couples, men, and women that are designed to grow your faith and engage with biblical concepts at a deeper level. We also offer marriage and Care and Recovery groups as part of Living Free.

Host Groups

A host group is what happens when you invite people to your home each week to watch a live Sagebrush Weekend Service together. When you launch a Host Group, you’re not just organizing a small gathering. You're joining an amazing community of hosts dedicated to knowing Christ and Making Christ known.

Living Free Recovery Groups

Living Free offers care and recovery groups designed to help address the struggles and needs that each one of us has in life. Groups range in topics including addiction, loss, broken marriages, finances, boundaries, and so much more. We also offer care and classroom programming for kids from 6 weeks to 11 years of age.

Don't do life alone, join a small group
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