First Steps: Baptism


After giving your life to Christ, the logical next question is “what’s next?” Today we are going to take time to start to answer that question. Scripture makes it clear that everyone who places their faith in Christ is called to be baptized, which is a necessary next step for those who begin following Him. Now that you have watched the video about baptism that goes along with this study, let’s take a few minutes to discuss what we learned about baptism in these videos. 


  1. In your own words, what is baptism?
  2. What does baptism represent?
  3. Why is baptism an act of obedience? Do you believe that baptism saves you? Why or why not?
  4. Why is baptism an important step for you personally?
  5. Read Romans 6:4-8. How is baptism a step of turning away from the old life that you used to live?
  6. Is anything holding you back from being baptized? If so, what is it?

Moving Forward

After placing their faith in Christ, Scripture teaches that baptism is the next step that Christians are called to take in their relationship with Christ. Have you been baptized? If not, what are you waiting for? Fill out this form in order to get in touch with us about your desire to be baptized and someone will reach out to you very soon!