First Steps: Bible


We’ve already talked about the fact that communication is vital for any relationship to grow. Did you know that one of the main ways God communicates to us is through the Bible? The Bible contains words directly from God that He communicated to particular people to write down so that everyone could read God’s message to them. Today, we are going to talk more about the Bible and how we can read it and apply it to our lives.


  1. Why is it important to spend time reading the Bible?
  2. Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Based on these verses, what does Scripture teach us?
  3. What makes the Bible so unique from all other books?
  4. After watching the video that we provided for you about reading the Bible, what are some good questions we can ask as we read our Bible?
  5. Reading the Bible has an even more profound impact when you read it with other people. What are some benefits of reading the Bible along with someone else?
  6. Do you have someone you can ask to join you as you begin to read your Bible? (Perhaps it may be the person sitting across from you!)

Moving Forward

At this point, you hopefully understand why reading the Bible is so important. It’s not enough to know you need to read the Bible, however. You have to actually do it! We have provided for you a 21-day reading plan through the entire book of John in the Bible. We hope you will join us and read it! As you have been talking about the Bible today, you may have realized that you have a lot of questions. That is okay! In fact, we encourage you to ask questions. You can reach out to our Pastoral Team at any time by calling or texting 505.922.9200.