First Steps: Prayer


After giving your life to Christ, you may be wondering what in it looks like to grow your relationship with God. One of the most important things we can do as we seek to grow and know God more deeply is to pray, or talk to God. Just like you have to speak with someone to grow in your relationship with them, you must speak with God to have a deeper relationship with Him and know Him better. Today we are going to talk about prayer and how to connect with God regularly through prayer. 


  1. Why is communication so important for any relationship to grow?
  2. In your own words, what is prayer?
  3. How will communication with God through prayer help you to grow in your relationship with Him?
  4. Read Matthew 6:5-13. What does Jesus teach us about prayer in these verses? Why is honesty so important in our prayer life?
  5. What specific time of the day can you dedicate to praying to God? What specific, quiet, peaceful place can you go to and pray to God?
  6. What are some steps you can take this week to have a conversation daily with God?

Moving Forward

Prayer is one of the most important ways to grow in your relationship with God. After all, talking with someone is the natural way to get to know them better. It is the same with God. God wants you to talk to Him about everything because whatever concerns you concerns Him. Commit to talking with God through prayer on a regular basis and join us in completing the prayer journal that we have provided for you. The more you pray, the more you will come to know God more deeply.