Remix: Student Devotionals

Authentic Faith - Week 4, Day 2

Day 2: Dress for Success (Spiritual Armor)

The sun was rising when Los Angeles motorcycle police officer Bob Vernon saw a red pickup speed through a stop sign. "This guy must be really late to work," he thought to himself. So he turned on his emergency lights and radioed that he was in pursuit. The pickup pulled over, and the officer walked up to the driver's window. 

The man reached for the gun he had used just a few minutes before to rob a convenience store. The sack of stolen money was beside him on the seat. The officer said, "Good morning, sir, may I see you…." He never finished the sentence. The driver shoved his gun at the policeman and fired just inches away from his chest. The officer was blown seven feet back. 

A few seconds later, the criminal was shocked to see the officer stand up, pull his service revolver, and fire twice. The first bullet went through the open window and smashed the windshield. The second tore through the door and ripped into the driver's left leg. "Don't shoot!" the thief screamed, throwing his gun and the sack of money out the pickup window.What saved the policeman's life was dozens of layers of Kevlar, the super-strong fabric used for bulletproof vests. Only three-eighths of an inch thick, Kevlar had stopped those bullets cold and saved Officer Vernon's life. 

Read Ephesians 6:10-17. 

Many police officers that routinely make traffic stops wear the bulletproof vest as a standard part of their uniform. Making the decision one day to not put it on could cost them their life. 

The same is true of the Christian's spiritual armor. The enemy is waiting to attack when we are weak. Just as the vest is a defense for the officer, righteousness, peace, and faith are a Christian's defenses. Are you ready for the battle you will face today? God has provided your protection, so put on your armor every day. 

Time Out: 

1. Let's look at the armor piece by piece and see if you are equipped for battle. 

●  Belt of .

Do you tell the truth no matter what? It's hard to go into battle with your pants down by your ankles. The belt of truth keeps your pants up, and it keeps you from being embarrassed by being caught in a lie.

●  Breastplate of .

Righteousness is a fancy word that means you are living your life in the right way before God. A breastplate covers the vital organs of your body. If you are living one way at church, another way at school, and still another way at home, you are not living the life that God has for you to live, and you are setting yourself up for a kill shot to your spiritual heart. The question is, are you living for Christ in every environment that you find yourself in?

●  Feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of

These are the shoes that you wear. Are you prepared to share the difference that Jesus can make in another person's life? If someone asked you, "how can I become a Christian?" would you be able to share the truth with them so they can make peace with God?

●  Shield of .

How much do you trust God? Are you counting on God more and more each day, or do you still rely on your own strength and power? Are you expecting God to do anything great in your life? How much faith in God do you have?

●  Helmet of .

Do you know for sure that when you die, you are going to heaven? Are you sure about your own salvation? Do you know who you are living for and who you are fighting for? If you are not sure, text your Student Pastor and go out and get a coffee with them. You need to have that helmet on tightly to keep your head in the game.

●  Sword of the Spirit, which is the .

How well do you know your Bible? How often do you sit down and read the Bible? How much of the Bible have you read? This is your only offensive weapon against Satan. Is your sword a sharp double-edged sword, or are you carrying into battle nothing more than a little pocketknife with a dull blade? 


2. Which piece(s) of the armor are you failing to put on every day, and what are you going to do about it?

"Put on all of God's armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil." Ephesians 6:11