Equipping the next generation of leaders to advance the mission of knowing Christ and making Christ known

Sagebrush Academy of Leadership Training (SALT) is a 10 month, intensive development program to prepare participants for vocational and nonvocational ministry. Over the course of 2 semesters, SALT focuses on eight key components that are designed to help every participant develop as an individual, a minister, and a leader. By investing in your leadership through SALT, your love and knowledge of Jesus Christ will grow in amazing ways.

Why Register for SALT?

Biblical Training

Ministry veterans will help provide students with a greater biblical worldview and understanding of ministry through 8 courses. These courses will be divided into four main learning tracks, which are taught on Sunday afternoons.

Group Discussion

One of the most meaningful aspects of attending this one-year intensive school is the camaraderie and relationships built with instructors and other students over the two semesters. Doing life together over the year draws students closer together. Students not only have a blast together, but they also develop lifelong friendships as well.

Personal Study

There is a significant amount of reading, research, and personal study time required to successfully complete the school. In addition to class assignments, students are required to read through the entire Bible in less than one year.


What are the start and end dates for the semesters?

The fall semester is currently in progress. Check back in January 2022 for details about classes starting in the spring.

Where will classes be held?

Classes will be held online. We are also offering Discussion Groups to mentor SALT students in their understanding of the material.

Is this an accredited program?

Although the school is not currently accredited, the courses provided are on par with many bible college programs around the country.

What types of learning tracks are available?

  • Bible Survey - Students will survey the books of the Old and New Testaments while learning the overall structure of the Bible and the process of canonization and translations. Courses include Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey.
  • Christian Beliefs - Training in systematic theology and how to defend it from attacks internally and externally. Courses include Practical Theology and Christian Apologetics.
  • Ministry Basics - Students will explore some of the most critical areas of being a leader and learn how knowledge, maturity, humility, and decisiveness lead to great leadership care. Courses include Ministry Fundamentals, Self-Discipline, Leadership Essentials, and Spiritual Conflict.

What is the general time commitment?

Students will need to plan for a time commitment of around 2-3 hours per week per course. This includes time for watching online classes, personal study, and group discussion. Those taking all three learning tracks should budget around 10 hours per week for SALT.

What is my financial commitment?

Students of SALT will be responsible to cover the $50 charge per course for the semester.
Example: $50 per course up to three courses for $150.
Most courses will also have book costs associated with the specific course.

Who is the ideal candidate?

An individual who is a believer with a strong spiritual walk and the time and personal discipline needed to complete college-level classes online. They should be someone who either attends a Sagebrush campus or is dedicated to watching services online.

Do participants need to go through an application process?

No. All are welcome. However, we are asking that participants sign up and make the Salt program a priority.