First Steps

Welcome to your FIRST Steps with Jesus!

We are so glad you have made the decision to accept Jesus as your Savior. You're now beginning your journey as a Christian. These First Steps are designed to teach you some of the basics of Christianity and answer your questions, starting with baptism, Bible, and how to read the prayer. Don’t do this alone! This is designed to be done with a friend or a group of people. Gather your friend who brought you to Sagebrush, or come by the First Steps room during a weekend service to speak to a counselor who can walk with you through these coming weeks.

For week one, start with the baptism module, then move on to prayer for week two. Finally, finish with week three, learning how to read the Bible. We hope that in the next few weeks, these short videos and discussions will have helped you grow closer to Jesus. Before you begin, watch this short message from Pastor Todd Cook.

Thumbnail for video - Next Steps