Small Group Studies

Ghost: Week 4 Study

BIG IDEA Have you ever been stuck on the side of the road? It may have been that you thought the fuel gauge was a little off, so you postponed making a stop only to run out of gas. You might not have noticed the pool of liquid that was leaking out of your car before you left your house only to...

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Ghost: Week 3 Study

BIG IDEA What does it take to be filled with the Holy Spirit? Is there a point when a person is filled or baptized that is a sign they are a follower of Jesus Christ? These questions are ones that people in the church have had to work through over the past hundred years. It is important that we...

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Ghost: Week 2 Study

BIG IDEA A good friend will always stand by your side. They will call you out on the carpet and make sure you have what you need for success. They will care for you when you are down instead of sitting on the sidelines. In the same way, the Holy Spirit does not sit in a passive role. He is...

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Ghost: Week 1 Study

BIG IDEA Throughout our lives, we have all experienced the hurt of a friend leaving us. It could be that they moved away, transferred to a new school, or lost their fight with health complications. There is no doubt that this world can be a hard, cold, and lonely place. One of the best parts...

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